Friday, September 09, 2005


So I received an email from someone who stumbled upon this blog. They were asking why I went to school... she thought it seemed like a strange choice given where my thoughts were yesterday.

And I can see that -- so let me explain. I don't really want to go to school -- but neither do I feel comfortable sharing what is going on. I just don't think that people will believe me. So I have been living my live, interacting with my family as if I really am my 13-year-old self. Part of that includes going to school just as if I was a normal kid. I can just imagine how the conversation would go otherwise:
"Hey, Mom? I'm actually 35, and haven't lived with you fot 17 years. Can I skip school from now on?"
"Nice try -- get in the car."

Nope, not going to work. At least not today.

I don't have time right now, but I'll try to grab a few minutes later, after I get home, to tell you a bit more about this charade that I am putting myself through.

I apologize for the confusion -- I am sure that I am leaving out details as I write here, but will try to be more complete in the future.

Thanks for sending me the e-mail, though....


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