Saturday, September 10, 2005


Morning All,

I said that I would try to give more information about my school experiences, so I am sitting in my room at home, attempting to do just that.

Let me start by explaining the classes – the content of your average 8th grade class is not difficult for someone like me. But the details have gotten blurry over the last couple decades. For example, doing algebra doesn’t sound too bad, until I realize that I have no idea what the quadratic equation is anymore. The simple formulas aren’t bad, but complex ones throw me – not because I cannot do them, but because I have not looked at this stuff in so long. It is like trying to speak a language that you have not even heard in 10 years. Your brain doesn’t quite want to roll with it immediately. Luckily, the year is just starting, so the other kids seem to have the same cobwebs in their head.

Science isn’t bad. Neither is history. English is throwing me a bit. Not the reading, but when is the last time that you, as an adult, actually sat down and diagrammed a sentence. Again, I have the knowledge – it is second nature to me by this point. But taking something that is second nature, and being able to break it down on a chalkboard are two totally different things.

But I can deal with all of this. What I am having trouble dealing with is the social aspect of everything. The conversations between the boys in my classes tend to revolve around sports, games, music, and the girls in the class. I can participate in these discussions, but I don’t find them compelling. I have the patience to sit there and listen… having kids probably helped me there. But it is very difficult to feel like I am really part of what is going on. In my mind, I am not part of it. The last couple days, having this blog has helped – at least I have an outlet. I am able to treat school more like I would treat a job. I just go do it, and then come home to live the life that I really care about.

I didn’t have time to do any research last night. Or, I did have time, but chose to watch TV instead. I haven’t seen some of the old shows since the last time it was 2005. So I got sucked in. My parent’s ordered some pizza, and the family sat around watching “old” sci-fi shows. It was actually quite enjoyable. It felt like the holidays when everyone gets together and hangs out. But now I have it every night.

I guess that I am getting over the initial shock of being thrust back in time, and beginning to appreciate the positive aspects of things. This does not make up for the (hopefully temporary) loss of my wife and kids, but it should make my time more bearable as I search for an answer of how to get back.


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