Thursday, September 15, 2005

Normal (?) Life

OK, although the disuccion on what is going on is going quite well, I also wanted to let you guys know a bit about the more typical events in the past few days.

Last night, the family drove up into the mountains, to the top of Guanella pass, to view the Northern lights. (There was a big solar flare 2 days ago, so we were expecting a good show.) It was cold, windy, and not very comfortable. But we did see the lights. It was a great reminder of how beautiful the world can be.

School has been getting better. I've either been relaxing or regressing, depending on your point of view, and have been getting along better with everyone. I've realized that this isn't a career -- it is just 8th grade. I don't have to be perfect in my grades, there is no 'permanent record' at this point, and none of this will matter in 4 years when I look at where to go with my life as an 'adult'. So I am relaxing, playing games with the other kids, and enjoying it.

I'm also taking advantage of my new-found youth. I can run for miles, then play soccer, then keep on running until bedtime. I never was much of an athlete when I went round this way the first time -- if I am truly stuck here, maybe I will pursue this a little bit more.

Don't misunderstand -- I still want to fix things and go back to my original life. But I am beginning to cope with the current situation.


At 4:25 AM, Blogger Truth Practitioner said...

Where have you been? Disappeared back to the future?

At 6:34 AM, Blogger Time Traveller said...

I'm still here!

I have just been so busy this week, I haven't updated. I've been enjoying the cooler weather, and enjoying my youth -- bike riding, playing outside, relaxing a bit instead of getting worked up over everything.

Also, the conversations from the last few posts really worked to get my mind going, and I have been able to gain some patience in finding a solution.

Nevertheless, I do have some news. I've got to run to class now, but I'll try to post tonight.

Thanks for checking in with me. :)

At 5:31 AM, Blogger I Am This said...

What makes this current 'life' any more or any less of an illusion than your previous 'life'? It's all just a big fat illusion :-) Enjoy!


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