Friday, September 09, 2005


I’m off to school shortly. 8th grade again… Wow.  A 35 year old in 8th grade. I may have a slight problem with boredom here.

The classes haven’t been difficult, but it has been a while, so I am legitimately having to re-learn some things. Nevertheless, the pace is very slow.  
No, my struggle is with my classmates. I just don’t have a whole lot in common with them. I do have quite a bit in common with the teachers. Somehow I suspect that I’m not going to be the most popular kid in the class.

I need to figure out what is really going on here. I need to figure out if I am truly going to be stuck in this situation. If not, I need to figure out how to end it. But if so, I need to skip high school and go straight to college or something. Not that I would fit in there either at this age…. But I could at least be independent

The question is – how do I figure this out? If I don’t know how it happened, how can I learn how to end it? I’ll try to spend some time researching it this afternoon… or at least figuring out where to start.


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