Monday, October 03, 2005

Big News!

First off, I apologize for not updating in the last couple weeks. I just have had other things on my mind....
The first week, it was just enjoying this life. But last week... last week is when the big news happenned.

I was in a really good mood last Wednesday after school, and thought to myself, "Why not wander by my wife's house? So what if she sees some kid smiling at her? What harm could it do?"
So I hopped a bus up to her part of town, and just wandered by. She was out in the front yard, playing with her little brother. I was just going to smile and keep walking, because it felt good just to see her, even if for just a minute, and even if we both were the wrong age.

But that is not quite what happenned - She got a look of shock on her face, and called me by name, asking what I was doing there? Naturally, I was also shocked...
The SAME THING has happenned to her. She also remembers our future life together, and has been having similar problems dealing with things here.

So thing are now much more interesting. But also more confusing. I have my wife back - in a way. I have someone I can call on the phone and talk to about things. (My parents think it is cute that I have a girlfriend all of a sudden.)
But it destroys any theory that this is just some vision or something specific to me -- it happenned to both of us.

In any case, we've just enjoyed catching upwith each other the past few days. We're starting to chat about what to do no -- do we look for an answer to go back to our lives? Or do we just go forward from here, dating until we are 'old' enough to get married again and live our own lives?